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In the natural stone processing sector, the use of specialized machinery is a crucial factor in ensuring maximum efficiency and obtaining high-quality finished products. Discover in this article the benefits and essential features of Pedrini's marble and granite machines, a leader in the industry for innovation and advanced technology

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The primary advantages of marble and granite machines


The use of specialized machinery in marble and granite processing is now essential for those operating in the sector, offering a series of benefits necessary to maintain competitiveness and high quality in finished products.


These advantages extend beyond just precision cutting, resin speed, and polishing quality but also include:


  • Significant reduction of waste, a fundamental aspect for companies attentive to sustainability and reducing production costs.

  • Optimization of production times. Thanks to these machines, it's possible to accelerate the production cycle, thus increasing the ability to respond to market demands and promptly meet customer needs.


To achieve these goals, marble and granite machines must incorporate cutting-edge technologies capable of ensuring extremely precise processing on a wide range of natural stones.


In cutting, for example, the ability to adapt to various types of cuts is crucial, allowing different types of stone to be worked with the same ease and precision, producing slabs with standard measures and even thin slabs of 12mm.


Advanced control systems also play a key role in this process, ensuring that each cut is made with millimeter precision, minimizing errors, and improving overall work efficiency.



Choosing Pedrini's marble and granite machines



Pedrini stands out in the market for its wide range of machines dedicated to marble and granite processing.


Thanks to a constant commitment to research and the development of new cutting-edge solutions, Pedrini offers machines that combine technological innovation and ease of use, ensuring superior results both in terms of the quality of the finished product and production efficiency.


Our products cover every single stage of marble and granite processing:



  • Cutting: in addition to manufacturing multiwire machines for cutting marble and granite blocks, Pedrini also offers complete lines such as the Cutline for transforming slabs into predefined formats ready for application. These lines are customized according to the specific requirements of each customer, considering various factors such as the type of material to be worked, slab thickness, desired formats, production volume, required level of automation, and available installation space.

  • Resin coating: when it comes to the resin application process, Pedrini also offers complete lines like Resinline, featuring exclusive technologies including the drying tunnel, the Gravity machine for automatic resin application, and the microwave oven.
  • Polishing and honing: for these two stages, it's possible to customize complete lines for marble and granite polishing with our calibrating, honing and slab polishing machines, all of which boast high reliability thanks to patented technologies.

Discover more about all the models of marble and granite machines by Pedrini!




Key aspects to know about marble and granite



Marble and granite represent two fundamental pillars in the world of architecture and design, chosen for their timeless aesthetic and remarkable durability.


Despite their popularity, working with marble and granite presents specific challenges due to their distinctive physical characteristics, such as:


  • The hardness of granite, which makes it resistant to scratches and wear, requires the use of advanced cutting technologies to shape it according to desired specifications.
  • The porosity of marble, while giving it a unique beauty, requires careful treatment to protect it from stains and damage, necessitating sophisticated finishing techniques to maintain its splendor over time.


Only with highly specialized equipment is it possible to achieve extremely precise cuts and impeccable finishes that respect and enhance the unique properties of each slab of these materials. Machines for marble and granite processing must therefore offer not only precision but also versatility and efficiency.

Il marmo e il granito rappresentano due pilastri fondamentali nel mondo dell'architettura e del design, scelti per la loro estetica senza tempo e la notevole durabilità.



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