Industry 4.0

Smart technologies for the factory of the future

Industry 4.0 aims to raise the technological level of companies by promoting the introduction, in their production cycles, of innovative technologies based on the integration of machines, processes and products with the enabling technologies of the 4.0 paradigm.

Pedrini processes 4.0


Pedrini has innovated and digitized its processes by adapting them to available technologies and transforming the company into a smart industry. Today, interconnected and integrated processes allow us to track the information flows and the movement of materials for the production management and planning. It is possible to know, in real time, in which phase the individual component that composes the machine or plant is located, to act promptly in case of delays in the supply chain, and to plan corrective actions, thus combining the concepts of Industry 4.0 with those of Lean Manufacturing.


Furthermore, at the Pedrini Research Center, there is an operational smart factory with 4.0 machinery and facilities that concretely replicate the concepts of machine interconnection and integration into the supervision system, providing a tangible demonstration of the potential of applied technologies.


The adopted solutions offer our customers an increasingly higher level of service and provide our operators with ever-evolving and efficient work methods.


Pedrini machines 4.0


Knowledge of technology in Logic 4.0 has led the company to the production of machines and plants that can be integrated with customers' Industry 4.0 systems, thus realizing "smart," efficient and flexible plants equipped with IoT technologies and platforms and intuitive, user-friendly interfaces (HMIs).


Our machines can then be integrated with each other and interconnected with customer's supervisory systems (MES). It is possible to monitor performance and transfer a variety of data from the machine to the central system for the use of factory personnel. Human-machine interfacing is total and makes the system efficient and flexible.


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