Marmi Orobici: innovation and automation at the service of excellence

In modern industrial plants, innovation is a key element to ensure efficiency, productivity, precision, and traceability. A true cornerstone of this vision is the new Marmi Orobici plant occupying 3000 square meters of a vast covered area of 13,000 square meters, dedicated to the brand-new automated warehouse to show the new and exclusive materials.


Handling is carried out on A-frame support with a capacity of 30 tons that are transported within the area via LGVs, laser-guided vehicles of the latest generation capable of moving all slabs obtained from an entire block in a single journey.


"This automation system between the lines provides total control over every phase of the process, increases efficiency, and contributes to improving safety levels, eliminating the risk of damage to the slabs during transportation," emphasized Gianni Carnevale, President of Marmi Orobici

The heart of the project consists of the production lines, one microwave resin line, one for calibration/honing, and one for polishing, each optimized to make the entire process efficient.


In the resin line, the new Butterfly loader allows managing different loading cycles based on the specifications of each material, including vertical loading and reverse loading. At the end of the line, a slab overturning system combined with an automatic resin remover is inserted to remove excess resin before unloading.


Thanks to daily production planning, materials can follow customized paths. After cutting, the slabs are transported to resin application or grinding, where the Spectra planetary calibrating machine ensures thickness precision. Finally, to achieve impeccable aesthetics, the slabs are led to the polishing line, where the new Galaxy T3 ensures high quality. Of the finial finishing.


The Marmi Orobici plant represents a perfect example of how efficiency and automation can be harmoniously integrated to create a cutting-edge productive environment. Thanks to its unique combination of technologies and optimized processes, this plant stands out as a true reference point in the stone processing industry.


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