GRANOS chooses Pedrini for the new plant in Fortaleza

GRANOS is one of the major granite and quartzite processing companies in Brazil and is the largest in the North/Northeast region, with a production capacity of approximately 30,000m²/month of finished slabs.

The company has chosen Pedrini as a partner to undertake an ambitious project involving a series of processing lines, representing a significant step in replacing the old plant and expanding production: currently underway is the installation of a microwave resin line, a polishing line, and material handling on electric trolleys.


With its own quarries at its disposal, Granos sought a partner that could not only offer innovative technical solutions but also maximize the efficiency and quality of the production process. "We decided to rely on Pedrini for their wide range of technical offerings regarding material applications," emphasized David Silveira, CEO of Granos. "Pedrini has demonstrated the ability to adapt its technological solutions to our specific needs."

Pedrini has not only supplied the machinery but has also envisaged the complete redesign of the production facility. Furthermore, the technologies offered have been designed both to reduce processing time on each single material and to increase the qualitative level of the final result. This holistic approach to design and innovation ensures perfect harmonization between technological elements and work environments, creating a safe and optimal environment for the production of high-quality natural stone slabs.


Thanks to the new plant, Granos will be able to work efficiently and competitively for the next 25-30 years, further consolidating its position in the industry.


The new project is a clear example of how Pedrini is able to accurately interpret customer needs and offer cutting-edge technical solutions.


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