Machines for cutting natural stone: Pedrini models

The art of stone cutting demands accuracy, reliability, and highly technological solutions to ensure the quality of the finished product and efficient production. Pedrini manufactures impeccable machines for cutting natural stone, designed to meet a wide range of market needs and delivering top-notch results in both slab and strips cutting. Discover the best models!

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Our machines for cutting natural stone


The range of Pedrini machines for cutting natural stone is extensive and versatile, capable of meeting every type of need. Multiwire machines, gang saws, block cutters: each machine is the result of continuous and targeted technological research.


Let's take a look at some of our best models:


Multiwire Jupiter GS230 TECH12: this machine for thin cutting of natural stone - marble, granite, and quartzite - is capable of producing slabs with a thickness of 12 mm, thanks to advanced technology and 6 exclusive patents. Available in different configurations (48, 60, 72, and 108 wires), this multiwire machine increases the production yield of blocks up to 55.5m2 per cubic meter. JUPITER TECH12 is a robust machine designed to be versatile, precise, and reliable, with a user-friendly interface, thus optimizing performance and efficiency in the processing of natural stone.

macchine-taglio-pietra-naturale-Jupiter TECH12

Multiwire Jupiter GS230: this multiwire machine is designed to maximize efficiency in the production of marble and granite slabs for cutting standard thicknesses of 2 and 3 cm, and multiples thereof. Offering models with a different number of diamond wires (from 24 to 80), it ensures fast and precise cuts, perfectly adapting to any production need. Its robust structure and hydraulic system guarantee optimal wire tensioning. Its unique patents and advanced technical solutions, combined with an intuitive graphic interface, make it an ideal choice for those seeking precision, reliability, and convenience in marble and granite cutting.


GS131 Gang Saw: this is a sturdy and reliable 80-blade gang saw (also available in the 100-blade version) for marble cutting, combining a modern design with diamond- blades for quick and efficient cutting. Characterized by a fixed-height blade holder frame and a rising platform for blocks, this marble cutting machine ensures accurate cuts and high performance. Its 'opposing pendulum arms' system allows smooth frictionless movement, maximizing efficiency. Sturdy and reliable, the GS131 model offers excellent and durable performance, with the versatility to handle different cutting thicknesses and block carrier configurations.


Arco di Trionfo: this block cutting center is another of the natural stone cutting machines offered by Pedrini. Using a series of water-cooled diamond discs, it allows for the production of strips with predefined thickness and height. Comprising three operating units, Arco di Trionfo ensures precise and synchronized work. Available in two versions, M594 and M596, it offers the possibility of customization based on required dimensions and production needs. Programming is simple and intuitive thanks to a console with a color screen located on the machine.


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Why choose Pedrini for natural stone cutting


Opting for Pedrini machines means choosing the best in natural stone cutting. In fact, our solutions have all the features necessary to achieve excellent results:


  • Efficiency: Pedrini machines are designed to maximize productivity, reducing processing times.
  • Accuracy: each machine is engineered to ensure accurate and uniform cuts, essential for obtaining superior-quality products.
  • Comprehensive solutions: Pedrini not only provides individual machines but complete production lines, allowing customers to configure the processing workflow optimally.



What our customers say


The testimonials from our customers are the best witness of the quality of Pedrini's natural stone cutting machines.

ARIMAR, a company with over 30 years of experience in the extraction and processing of limestone aggregates from the Sierra Gorda quarry in Spain, is an excellent example.

Recently, ARIMAR revolutionized its production by installing our innovative Jupiter GS230MF, a multiwire marble cutting machine equipped with 56 wires.

This installation not only testifies to the trust placed in our technology but also confirms once again how our expertise is appreciated beyond Italian borders.

Are you looking for a natural stone cutting machine for your company? Pedrini is the perfect partner!


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