Marble and granite processing: how it works and solutions

The processing of marble and granite represents an ancient art that combines craftsmanship and advanced technologies. These natural stones, used in both residential and professional contexts, require an accurate processing method to enhance their beauty and durability. How does it work? Discover it with Pedrini.

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How marble and granite processing works


The processing of marble and granite is a complex and fascinating process that begins with the extraction of blocks directly from quarries. These precious materials are then transferred to the sawing department, where they start taking shape through a process called squaring.


Subsequently, the blocks undergo an accurate cutting process. Using specific industrial machinery, marble and granite blocks are then cut into slabs of various thicknesses, ready for subsequent processing stages. This step requires great accuracy and attention because each slab must maintain the integrity and beauty of the original material.


Granite, in particular, known for its hardness and durability, has a little longer cutting phase compared to marble, a factor to know for the processing of this material.


After cutting, both marble and granite undergo further processing, such as:


  • Resining: This is a crucial step in the processing of marble and granite, used to treat fragile slabs or those with imperfections. Through the application of a specific resin, this process improves both the structural strength and the aesthetics of the slab, filling in cracks and porosity and making the surface more uniform. After resining, the slab is ready for the final stages of polishing and finishing.





  • Polishing and honing: these two phases are crucial to give natural stone a glossy and refined appearance. These processes remove any remaining imperfections and prepare the slab for a wide range of applications. Honing makes the surface smooth, while polishing enhances its veins and color.





Given the importance of each phase in this process and the need for absolute precision, it becomes essential to rely on efficient and highly technological industrial machinery.


In this context, the solutions offered by Pedrini represent the ideal choice, combining technological innovation and reliability to ensure excellent results.



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The History of Pedrini


Pedrini has distinguished itself as a leading company in the natural stone processing sector since 1962, thanks to the revolution in marble and granite processing methods, focusing on objectives such as:


  • Accuracy

  • Reliability

  • Production efficiency


With a strong ability to respond to customer needs, we have developed cutting-edge and customized solutions for every type of processing and offer machinery capable of optimizing productivity and the quality of finished products.


Thanks to continuous investments in research and development, Pedrini aims to constantly innovate the natural stone processing sector, maintaining a strong commitment to respecting the raw materials and providing high-quality technical solutions.



Choose Pedrini machines for marble and granite processing


When it comes to working with marble and granite, Pedrini machines represent the ideal choice for demanding professionals.


The solutions offered range from polishing and resin lines to cutting machines, as well as material handling systems.


Pedrini machines are synonymous with innovation and uniqueness in the market, thanks to their ability to combine advanced technologies with user-friendliness. Whether it's polishing lines to achieve brilliant and refined surfaces, or resin systems to enhance the strength of slabs, every Pedrini product is designed to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability over time.


By choosing Pedrini, you have the certainty of selecting machinery that not only meets your production needs but also elevates the quality of the work performed, allowing you to transform marble and granite into true masterpieces.


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