What is granite processing and how does it work?

Used in both construction and decorative contexts, granite is known for its aesthetic and structural qualities. However, not everyone is aware that its processing requires specific technologies to achieve high-quality results. In this article, we explore the delicate industrial granite processing and how Pedrini excels in this field.

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How granite processing works



Granite processing, to ensure successful results, must follow a process divided into several stages to transform the raw block into a high-quality finished product.



Here's how it works:



  • Cutting: After the initial extraction phase, granite blocks are sectioned into slabs of varying thickness using advanced technologies such as diamond wire saws, which ensure millimeter precision.

  • Resining: This stage focuses on enhancing the structural characteristics of the slabs through the application of specially selected resins based on the material's properties. These resins penetrate deeply into the pores and cracks, consolidating the granite and ensuring a homogeneous surface, ready for further processing.

  • Honing and polishing: These processes represent the final stages of granite processing. Honing smooths and evens the surface, removing any remaining irregularities and preparing the granite for polishing. During polishing, the granite is treated with a series of increasingly fine abrasives that gradually enhance its shine. These techniques, combined with the use of state-of-the-art machinery, allow the creation of granite surfaces with various aesthetic characteristics, depending on the finish and type of application.



The best technologies for granite processing


In the complex process of granite processing, the use of cutting-edge technologies is essential to achieve optimal efficiency and produce high-quality results.


The automated systems employed by Pedrini in resining, for example, increase production capacity while ensuring excellent performance in slab processing to enhance their aesthetic qualities. Specifically, our Gravity B480 is designed to optimize the resin application process, ensuring high efficiency and precision. The Cartesian robot measures the dimensions and shape of the slab, calculates the tool path, and uniformly applies the resin.






Similarly, the latest generation honing and polishing plants optimize these final processes, ensuring superior quality finishes.


In this regard, our Galaxy B220GX slab polisher represents the forefront of granite processing. Equipped with a series of polishing heads that use increasingly fine abrasives, this machine ensures a flawless finish from entry to exit. The heads are mounted on Pedrini's patented Rotor spindles, featuring an innovative counter-pressure movement system, thus guaranteeing superior uniformity and quality in polishing. This configuration not only optimizes the polishing process but consistently ensures exceptional results.

This suite of advanced technologies, in addition to speeding up the entire production cycle, plays a crucial role in ensuring that each granite slab exhibits consistent uniformity and quality, thereby meeting the expectations of a market characterized by increasingly high standards.


Pedrini offers various solutions for granite processing. Contact us to learn more.




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Pedrini's granite processing methods

Pedrini stands out on the international stage for the excellence of its industrial machines dedicated to granite processing. We offer a wide range of technological solutions, from cutting to polishing, designed to maximize productivity and ensure extremely high-quality results.


Thanks to our deep industry knowledge and the use of cutting-edge technologies, Pedrini can meet any need by providing specific machinery that perfectly adapts to the different stages of granite processing:


Multiwire cutting machines, block cutters, calibrating machines, and slab polishers are just a few of Pedrini's products for granite processing.

If you're looking for a fully customized solution, you can rely on our experience in designing complete production lines. Specifically for granite, Pedrini has developed a wide range of polishing lines,

capable of delivering high production performance, excellent polishing levels, and low maintenance costs.







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