Leadership: the use of Microwave technology for the marble processing

A new Pedrini plant for resining and polishing the marble slabs has been recently stared-up by the company Alamer Maden Insaat Nakliyat (Alacakaya Mermer) in Turkey.

This line, which is the first in the world for marble processing, is composed as follows:

  • pre-polishing machine
  • drying tower oven
  • resin application area
  • microwave oven for the resin catalysis and polymerization process
  • retouching area
  • thermo-controlled double stock tower
  • polishing machine

The plant, thanks to Pedrini microwave oven technology B460MW, has the significant advantage of the in line slabs polishing after the resinline.

The use of microwaves allows a rapid and deep slabs resining with a remarkable reduction of the resin catalysis times by avoiding the slabs storage on the ground after their treatment in the resinline.


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