Great success for Multiwire JUPITER GS200 with 64 wires

Multiwire machine Jupiter GS200 with 64 diamond wires has obtained the approval from customers, who we thank for the large number of already ordered units.

The machine features:

  • high-technology: it has recourse to exclusive and advanced patents which make it unique in its line.
  • reliability: it proposes simple technical solutions, without using delicate or risky mechanical elements.
  • functionality: it is designed and manufactured to optimize the yield of the diamond tool.
  • flexibility: it allows the simultaneous cutting of slabs with different thickness, ranging from 2 to 10 cm.
  • rationality: thanks to a “user-friendly” interfaces it facilitates the operators to manage the diamond tool and the machine as well.

These features, which allow high production capacity keeping down costs, show Pedrini ability and will to compass the customers’ necessities and to achieve the relevant solutions.


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