The Welt Graniti relies on Pedrini for the granite polishing

Improving efficiency and reducing consumptions are the biggest challenges we face to meet the modern industry requirements. This is the reason why Welt Graniti S.r.l., a very well known company in Verona, chose Pedrini machinery to develop its business also dedicated to slabs polishing.
In fact, a new Pedrini polishing line was installed and started up by its factory located in Cavaion Veronese.

In addition to the polishing machine for granite slabs Galaxy B220GB with 20 heads, the line includes automatic loading and unloading systems Butterfly B416 and the following auxiliary machines: waxing machine M242 with 4 spindles, scanner M257 to capture the slabs image and detect the slabs size, automatic printer V257 for the slabs application of customized labels and distributor of anti-scratch substance M247 to protect the slabs during storage.


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