Portugal: a new Pedrini Multiwire machine for marble with 5,3 mm wire was installed

The installed Pedrini Multiwires with 5,3 mm wire rise to 22

António Galego & Filhos - Mármores, S.A, a Portuguese company located in Bencatel, started up the brand new Pedrini Multiwire machine Jupiter GS220-MF72 for marble equipped with 72 diamond wires - diam. 5,3 mm.

The yield of the blocks, cut with extremely high downfeed speed and with great accuracy in thickness, is excellent and allows for a remarkable reduction of the processing waste and, at the same time, the multiwire machine achieves a considerable saving of energy consumption.

Even for the cutting of marble blocks, Pedrini confirms the great efficacy and the advantages of the 5,3 mm diamond wire.

• High productivity
the cutting speed of Pedrini Multiwire machine for marble is 4 to 6 times higher than the speed of a traditional gang saw.

Exceptional yield for wrecked and defective materials
wrecked and/or defective materials can be safely cut since the Multiwire machine does not generate stresses/shock on the block which are typical with the traditional gang saw; the Multiwire machine is suitable for all types of marble, even for those with high hardness due to the presence of quartz.

• Energy Saving
with the same block cutting time, the energy consumption of the Multiwire machine is lower than the one of the traditional gang saw.

• Increase of the polishing speed
the slabs sawn with the multiwire machine are polished at a speed 20% higher than the speed of the slabs sawn with the traditional gang saw.


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