Pedrini presents the new 3-beam polishing machine: the first installation in Verona at Stocchero Attilio

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of GALAXY production, Pedrini studied and created a new, unique and special model of polishing machine, designed to perfect the polishing process, as well as the processing of new stone materials, suitable to fulfill the processing needs of increasingly dynamic customers. 


Such is the case with Stocchero. Our client processes a wide variety of materials with different sizes and has a remarkably high production capacity. Its need was to reduce downtime to further increase production and to be able to quickly manage last-minute orders


These requirements are the inspiration behind the design of Pedrini's new Galaxy T3!


GALAXY B220GX-T3 is characterized by 3 beams that move synchronously, like a traditional single beam, or independently, allowing the simultaneous processing of slabs with different widths, without the need to totally empty the machine at each batch change, as is often the case with single-beam polishers.


"I am very satisfied with our new Galaxy B220GX-T3! - says Giorgio Stocchero, CEO of Stocchero Attilio e C. - I explained my production needs and, in collaboration with Pedrini's technical department, this new machine was designed. Its intuitive software and state-of-the-art automation technology made it is easy to simultaneously manage slabs that are completely different in type and size. The operators using it immediately understood the machine's potential."


The different speeds of Galaxy T3's 3 beams further elevate the quality of polishing while also allowing optimization of tool use in the 3 processing stages: honing, pre-polishing and polishing.


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