Pedrini technology 4.0 for Stocchero Attilio

A fully smart project born from the cooperation between Stocchero and Pedrini R&D Centre

Stocchero Attilio E C., founded in Verona in 1983, produces and exports a wide range of natural stones products thanks to the use of increasingly state-of-the-art machinery.

On last July the latest innovative Pedrini grinding and pre-polishing line was started up by this company located in Verona area, to complete a great project born from the mind of the owner, Mr.Giorgio Stocchero and developed in cooperation with Pedrini R&D Centre.

After the installation of a reinforcement net and resining line started up in 2018 with the exclusive microwave technology, now two new slabs lines have been installed, the first for the slabs grinding and pre-polishing and the second for the slabs polishing.

The grinder/pre-polisher Galaxy B220CG-22, the main unit of the slabs grinding and pre-polishing line, is supplied with 22 Rotor spindles, 11 of them equipped with Smart Contact centesimal adjustment and the advanced system which changes each grinding spindle into a pre-polishing spindle and vice versa. The machine is equipped with 8 satellite Aquila heads and with 14 heads for 7 abrasives with the exclusive patented mechanism for the abrasives sequential drive with high frequency hunting motion.

The polishing line includes the slabs polisher Galaxy B220GB-22 featured with 22 Rotor spindles, all of them controlled by the counterpressure system, and with the advanced electronic pressure adjustement Smart Touch, which allows to vary the pressure on the different areas of the slabs. Both the lines are equipped with auxiliary equipment for the care of each single slab, such as the waxing machine with 4 spindles, the scanner to detect the image, the slabs weighing unit and the distributor of anti-scratch products such as waxes or protective film.

All the lines are featured with the “Industry 4.0” technology which, through the information exchange between the lines and the company management system, allows for a process and product traceability control in real time, as well as statistical processing for a better planning and costing of the order.


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