Italian Graniti: a new polishing line and a new multiwire machine by Pedrini to increase production capacity

Italian Graniti is a family-run company from Bergamo with 20-years’ experience in cutting, polishing and trading granite and marble mainly destined to building sector, funerary art and interior design. To meet the growing demand for slabs, mostly from Eastern Europe, Italian Graniti decided to renew and expand its line by relying on Pedrini's experience and purchasing a polishing machine and a multiwire. The two machines, both dressed with the new line expressing power and dynamism, are among the most appreciated by the market for reliability and yield.

GALAXY B220GX is the latest Pedrini slabs polisher with automatic cycle, enhanced with exclusive technologies that achieve maximum production speed while reducing consumption and maintenance costs. "Thanks to the new line, we have reduced production times by a third, significantly increasing our production capacity" said Daniela Tebaldi, CEO of Italian Graniti.

GALAXY B220GX has 20 Rotor spindles patented by Pedrini. The spindle up-and-down movement, regulated by a pneumatic counterpressure system on each head, stabilizes the action of the polishing head ensuring the highest polishing quality. The polishing operation is carried out through the exclusive patented Antishock heads with 7 abrasives which sequentially drive the abrasives supports with high frequency hunting motion, reducing the tools consumption by 30%.

Italian Graniti's GALAXY B220GX is also equipped with the Smart Touch system, the Electronic Pressure Regulator that allows to selectively process the slab surface characterized by different hardness. The plant also possesses the technological features to comply with the Industry 4.0 principles that, thanks to IoT devices and intuitive interfaces, offer the possibility of interconnection among company information systems for work order management, slabs traceability and consumptions control.

In the coming weeks the new Multiwire Jupiter GS230 with 72 diamond wires of 6.3 mm diameter will also be installed at the customer's premises. The machine, equipped with patented technologies to increase wire yield, will complete the new line in addition to the new polishing machine and to Pedrini Resinline purchased in the past.


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