Aro Granite Industries - Multiwire Jupiter GS220: excellence that makes a difference

Aro Granite Industries, located in Hosur, Tamil Nadu – India, has recently installed and started up a Pedrini Multiwire Jupiter GS220 – 72 wires with 6,3 mm diamond wire for cutting granite blocks coming from all over the world.

Thanks to Multiwire Jupiter GS220 the installed capacity of the granite slabs unit is increased by 150.000 square meters and the installed capacity of the slab plant is increased to 735.000 square meters from the previous 585.000 square meters taking the overall installed capacity to 1.095.000 square meters including tiles processing facilities.

By means of Pedrini Multiwire Jupiter GS220 the company Aro Granite Industries is now processing also quartzite, a precious extremely compact rock, which is harder than granite, with results above the expectations.


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