Marmi Orobici always at the forefront: Perdini Multiwire Jupiter with 80 wires diam. 5,3 mm

Marmi Orobici Graniti S.p.A. has recently installed the new Pedrini Multiwire Jupiter GS220-F80 with 80 wires which exploits the 5,3 mm diamond wire advantages.

Pedrini Multiwire Jupiter GS220-F80-P90, as all the latest generation multiwire machines GS220, stands out for the new hydraulic balance system HBS which lengthens the diamond tool life increasing the machine production capacity as well.

Multiwire Jupiter GS220-F80-P90 is the unique machine in operation with 80 diamond wires with 5,3 mm diameter and cuts blocks with more than 2 meters width, allowing to mount
80 wires for 2 cm thickness and 60 wires for 3 cm thickness.

Several are the advantages achieved with 5,3 mm wire
Multiwire Jupiter.

In particular, compared with the machine with 7,3 mm diamond wire, it was checked what follows:

  • 6% increase of the block yield
  • 20% electric consumption reduction
  • 27% sludge reduction

After verifying the results achieved in the production process, Marmi Orobici e Graniti S.p.A. purchased a second Multiwire Jupiter GS220-F80-P90 with 5,3 mm diamond wire which will come in operation by Stoneval Srl, a company of the same group based in Massa Carrara (Italy), in next months.


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